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It's hard for a single person to take accountability when there are so many hands in the marketing strategy development. Today's matrix organizations usually mean that everyone has a say and thus a lot of people with personal interests tend to dilute what marketers want and need to do. This is especially true of people who see marketing as an expense. The other issue is that way too many senior marketing people are more interested in doing what is better for their status within the company than what is best for the brand. Politics way too often rules over common sense and for a perfect example of this just look at Microsofts debacle with the Kin. Linchpins have to be willing to give up the love of those they work with to do what is best for the brand but in today's environment when we are graded on how well we get along with other it's not easy. Finally let's not forget the senior marketers who are over their heads and don't understand that marketing in its current form is unsustainable. These are the same people who believe awareness leads to conversion and still use outdated metrics like GRP.
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Jul 10, 2010