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Richard Bachner
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Google is filled with a lot of smart engineers, but they've become a management driven advertising company, not an engineer run visionary company like they used to be IMO. I think that history will show that Google really screwed up Google+ by trying to clone Facebook. A clone of a popular social site without any users is worthless. Google probably should have tried several different smaller approaches with smaller teams and tried to find something that people liked rather than simply try and copy Facebook's success. We all know that Google wanted to duplicate Facebook's success to try and get access to all of this social data for their search experience. And between all of the big brands trying to promote their Facebook pages even in TV ads, the sheer number of companies listed at that do nothing other than promote business pages, and the way that the market is reacting to Facebook's IPO, we know that they're getting significant traction that Google wants to emulate. Even though it will take years, I think Pinterest has got a shot of being the solid #2 to Facebook rather than Google+ just because they're offering a different experience. If all Google+ can offer is a Facebook clone that doesn't have active users, then there's no incentive really created for people to flock to it. I could be wrong, but I see Pinterest taking off and Google+ being largely left behind here and Google continuing to fail as long as managers and not engineers are really guiding major policy.
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He wasn't just trying to make a name for himself, I'm sure there was some sort of financial incentive in it for him.
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