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Curb appeal and good looking yards are extremely important to attract home buyers. The more pleasant and comforting the better.
That's great! I hope that is keeps up. Most of the country is picking up or has even set volume records. Lower prices, good interest rates and pend up demand seem to be getting us going.
I think the noise and the smells make it alive. It is all about memories. If we did have memories of noise we would not associate it.
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2009 on a city of (automotive) sound at
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In New Jersey the Bank is obligated to give the appraisal to the Purchaser borrower. Weather or not this constitutes the appraiser being in the interest of the buyer/borrower, I don't know.
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It seems to me the money coming into our mortgage market and the pent up demand with the lower prices are taking this market out of the hole. Our market in Bergen County New Jersey, had fallen ablout 20% from the top. We are busy now, it is happening!
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OK, I see. Thanks, Richard
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I think in the second situation, where the appraisal was coming in low for the deal, the appraiser was assuming that the purchaser would not be able to add more equity to make the deal move forward. On another hand it could also be further renegotiation with the seller to reach a lower price. The appraiser is hired to find out the value, good or bad. It is up to the parties to figure how to use the appraisal from there on.
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The banks lean on the appraisers with the declining market adjustment. This is wrong. If you do this the market can do nothing but decline. They mus t not be allowed to do this, they must use facts, not perdictions.
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