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Rick Chin
Concord, MA, USA
Director of Product Innovation, DS SolidWorks
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We need your help. We are currently working with some technology that we feel would make design review meetings more effective. Before we go too far with our work, we want to ensure we are solving problems that our customers really care about. So please help us to figure this... Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2011 at The SolidWorks Blog
Hey, no worries Neil. We're of the same mind on this. Rick
Hi Neil, Thanks for the comment. Maybe I could have done a better job wordsmithing my article, since your interpretation of it is 180 degrees from its intent. The message I was trying to convey here was that product companies (software, hardware, manufacturers, ...) should NOT build products based on the technologies they like or posses. The whole point of the Strategic Retreat is to take a step back from the technology, and interview customers to truly understand what their top-of-mind priorities and challenges are. The article is not about forcing something upon customers, it's about understanding them and serving them with a product that is easy for them to appreciate. I hope this helps. Thanks again, Rick looks to be super easy to use, and the price is right. Thanks for sharing Lou!
What an extensive list off mind mapping and diagramming products. There is something here for everyone. Thanks for sharing Rainer!!
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Apr 11, 2011