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Kelly, your comment is a snapshot of what many who serve in ministries have experienced - the World thriving in the Church. Affairs, addictions, attitudes, gossip, and more. In reality, these things should be in the Church. However, instead of these sins being in remission under the loving care of church members empowered by Christ, these sins are allowed to exist and even flourish in certain congregations. Part of this seems to be expectations. We expect ministries to be different. We expect people to be different. Better. Kinder. Loving. In fact, many are full of real people that could be described these ways. Others allow affairs to exist in some perversion of faith thinking God must condone the behavior. While the natural reaction is to throw our hands up and stop going to church, Sunday School, or small groups...I pray we'll seek other denominations or non-denominations to find a group where we can be real while being disciples.
Thank you for this wonderful post. For more on how practicing what we preach can change a life, check out this post:
Thank you for sharing your post. I do not entirely share your view on the movie. It's difficult for this story to not be about Leigh Anne Tuohy (setting aside Sandra Bullock) because she acted upon showing Michael love from the moment she wanted Sean to turn the car around. I saw this as more of a story about how life changed for both Michael and Leigh Ann plus how these changes impacted others around them. For more on how practicing what we preach can change a life, check out this post:
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Nov 21, 2009