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There are a few things that I take from this remarkable post. Andrew Kochanowski is a photographer and a writer who I will watch from now on. His photographs transcend mere imagery and technology to tell human stories. His writing has a snap and verve that perfectly matches his shooting style. Andrew's point is that only when you can shoot through and past the complexities of the camera so that it ceases to come between you and the shot that you have any chance at all of finding the art in what you see. While he clearly likes the Pentax, I believe that he is also proving once again that the shooter and not the camera is the most important thing.
I just want to say Thank You to everyone who developed this ap. It is a stunning piece of work and utterly transparent to use. I've read all the comments and while many of the suggestions for additions sound great, and I am sure I could make use of them, I am quite happy with neu.notes the way it is. I use it for quick and dirty sketches of ideas and thoughts, picture annotations while out and about, and just general grab-stuff-and-run type information. I then email it directly into DropBox,Zoot,and Evernote for later processing elsewhere. Brilliant work and I cannot understand why it is not costing me money. Rick Grant Calgary
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Apr 20, 2011