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On the heels of our recent post about Amazon Go, it's worth noting this automated convenience stores powered by WeChat. There's no checkout. Instead, customers scan QR codes to enter the store, select products, then pay using their WeChat mobile... Continue reading
It's hard not to love this 3-minute, CGI-animated short from college students Jacob Mann and Ashley Anderson. “Once we had the idea that you could represent love as a flame, we decided to do a romantic love story,” Anderson tells... Continue reading
Sometimes it pays to listen. At least, that was the case with this Facebook campaign promoting a Guns & Roses concert. Knowing full well that 90 percent of Facebook users watch videos with audio turned off, AMEX snuck in a... Continue reading
You knew somebody would eventually do it—and from the looks of it, Trixi Studios did it up right. Using Apple's ARKit, the animation studio emulated the experience of A-ha's famous '80s music video "Take on Me." According to Vocativ, it... Continue reading
We're McLovin' this new promotion from Mickey D's, which turns their recyclable drink trays into boom boxes for your iPhone. It's not the first time this has been done, of course—Coca-Cola once famously turned a magazine print ad into a... Continue reading
A simple, smart application of AR to learn how to do something we personally have had no hope of learning through any other mechanism thus far. This particular effort uses Apple's ARKit, and so far at least, it looks promising.... Continue reading
We didn't see the dancing hotdog on Snapchat until this last weekend, and we've been having fun with it ever since (see this YouTuber's video above to see what it looks like). Simple and subversive at the same time. Learn... Continue reading
Talk about a Coke and a smile. Longtime readers know we're huge fans of Coca-Cola marketing (though we're NOT happy to hear Coke Zero is getting replaced by Coke Zero Sugar ... but we digress). Check out this new website,... Continue reading
From the WTF Dept: There's a National Fried Chicken Day. From the WTF Dept: There's a al Fried Chicken Day. Oh, and this Funny or Die video captures what happens when a robot Harland ("Human Assisted Animatronic Linguistic Networked Device")... Continue reading
As goes Whole Foods, so goes the future of grocery stores? A lot has been made of Amazon's recent announcement that it will acquire Whole Foods for a whopping $13.7 billion (insert your own "Whole Paycheck" joke here). Many have... Continue reading
KLM Airlines is thinking beyond the flight to help visitors to Amsterdam make their way around town. Its new audio-enabled, location-aware "Care Tag" offers audio tips on things to see and do, based on where you are at any time.... Continue reading
Not exactly turning turning swords into plowshares, but perhaps it's even better. The Humanium Initiative recycles metal from illegal weapons busts and forfeiting programs and then makes it available for commercial production by brands. As FastCompany reports, the idea is... Continue reading
It's like Pokémon Go - with beer. Dutch beer brand Amstel has teamed up with mobile AR treasure hunt app Snatch to give away 10,000 free pints to people who "snatch" and hold onto their prizes for up to six... Continue reading
We're still loving "Fearless Girl"—the diminutive statue created by State Street Investors as part of a special fund for women leaders in honor of International Women's Day. It's great to see she won so many accolades at Cannes this year.... Continue reading
This short film for last year's Paralympics is phenomenal (wait 'til you see the long jump at the end). Amazing stuff from all - onscreen and off - and one kick-ass Film Grand Prix winner. Join our LINKEDIN GROUP Like... Continue reading
This bank tracks and reports on the environmental impact of your spending. Excellent example of doing well by doing good. Congrats to everyone who made this a Cyber Grand Prix winner at Cannes. Join our LINKEDIN GROUP Like us on... Continue reading
One of the very cool demos floating around the Interwebs showing off Apple's ARKit AR development solution. Here's how IKEA is putting it into action. What's the plan for your brand? Join our LINKEDIN GROUP Like us on Facebook Follow... Continue reading
Gotta love this app. Though as far as this recap video goes, I'm not sure what's better: The app's performance, or the voice talent's accent. Kudos to all involved. Join our LINKEDIN GROUP Like us on Facebook Follow us on... Continue reading
Check out this new packaging from Coca-Cola, which comes complete with removable wristbands that offer potential entry to music festivals. Talk about having a Coke and a smile. Read more here. Join our LINKEDIN GROUP Like us on Facebook Follow... Continue reading
We're thinking VR might be overkill on a theme park ride, no? Read more here. Join our LINKEDIN GROUP Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Listen in on iTunes Continue reading
Good stuff from American Greetings. Read more here. Join our LINKEDIN GROUP Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Listen in on iTunes Continue reading
Who needs a Mannequin Challenge when you can do this, instead? Read more here. Join our LINKEDIN GROUP Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Listen in on iTunes Continue reading
First there were the NFC-powered album covers that enabled you to tap your mobile against the jacket and bring up a website featuring one of her singles. Now, Beatie Wolfe has launched a augmented reality live streaming experience promoting her... Continue reading
... Mostly by not trivializing issues and by bringing people who are world's apart a little closer. Oh, and by being true to the role Heineken actually plays in the world—as an ice breaker. Pretty powerful stuff, actually. Read more... Continue reading
Have to love this—plus the fact that the day of the movie premiere, Doritos and Marvel will host "Rock Out Loud" pop-up recording booths in LA and NY. No word yet on any special appearances by Groot. Continue reading