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Nevermind the craziness, let's make fun of Cromartie Suck that it involves an overrated team against, but if this is one of the Jets big off season moves, i'm not worried :)
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she had me at DAMN!!!
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Tuna need's to take a page out of the Jonah Hex movie trailer and add gatling guns to that sum b*tch. He'll make those rooks work! for those who haven't seen it yet
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I was thinking just the other day after watching Transformers: The Movie, that the Trifecta reminds me a whole lot of that rotating head Quintesson. They added a new face into the mix with Mike Nolan and with the draft, I think they have enough pieces to form Devastator! I can't wait to see Vontae intercept Sancheese for a pick 6! Ohhh boy!!!
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May 11, 2010