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You certainly lead an exciting life. Congratulations on becoming debt-free! I took a slightly different path to the same place. Thankfully, S has always been uber-responsible financially. Let us know if we can help!
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2010 on Moving Day Approacheth...Again. at A Likely Story!
And I thought my weekends were busy. Geez! Glad to hear the Roomie is all good. :) I had a friend that saw Green Day Thursday night - he said best show ever also! BTW - thanks again for your help yesterday afternoon.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2009 on WHAT A Weekend! at A Likely Story!
You got plugged back into the Matrix?
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2009 on Assimilated at A Likely Story!
Love my new wife! Love my blogging buddies! Love my garden.
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2009 on Not Even Close To Friday at A Likely Story!
I like your newest layout. Have a good weekend!
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2008 on Crickets Chirping at A Likely Story!
Hey Kath. So glad to hear this! Take care buddy. :)
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2008 on It's. Not. Cancer. at A Likely Story!
4 in blog years is like ... I don't know how many in people years. ;) Congratulations!
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2008 on ALS! Turns 4 at A Likely Story!
Get rid of that debt! Then you can do even more fun things later. :)
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2008 on Windfall Decision at A Likely Story!
Interesting - like others, I figured you were more likely to be a Fitz-Gerald supporter. Again, that's not necessarily a bad thing. I think like you, I'm tired of talking about incremental changes. It hasn't proven to get enough done. That's why I decided to support Jared early on: I see him as a person who things outside the box and is willing to try things other people say can't be done. I want to see the proof that it couldn't be done. Never trying certainly guarantees it won't!
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Hi! Thanks for the linky, and for the encouragement!
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2008 on Weather Dem In The Hood at A Likely Story!
I'm so jealous of Kath and her miserly laptop battery. Without these precious treasures, bloggers like me were forced to *gasp* take notes with paper and pen. The horror!
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2007 on Precious Commodity at A Likely Story!
Dude, I so got that joke!
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2007 on YK FAQ at A Likely Story!
Didn't think I was going to like the iPhone. After seeing it, I'm darn close to changing my mind!
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2007 on Friends Are The Frosting... at A Likely Story!
Well said, Kath. If women want a voice in controlling their lives, they should support the same for men.
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2006 on WTF? at A Likely Story!
I heard something happened at the debate on Jay's show yesterday. After reading this, I hope the video camera was rolling. Getting it out on the tubes could really shift how the race ends up. I'm not surprised by Marilyn's behavior. She typifies the "do anything to stay in power" mantra of the Republicans. Wench.