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It is rediculous to say that Phil has never built anything and Larry Brown is better because he has. Brown has torn down more than he's built. Look at his disasters in New York and Philly. Look at the 04/05 lottey Lakers and the repeat NBA finalists of 07/08 and 08/09. That speaks for its self.
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2009 on Stand Pat, or Follow Phil? at Heat Check
Once again Winderman, you get this wrong. Caron Butler was the carrot that eventually turned into Pau Gasol. Odom is still there and it's doubtfull that he leaves. Brian Grant was waived for luxury tax relief and the Lakers got the better of that trade. They are well set for the next few years while the Heat have nothing to show for the trade with Shaq gone and they are still rebuilding. The Lakers are in the Finals for the second straight year.
The point you are trying to make is why the Shaq deal was so bad. The Heat got Wayne Simien in the '05 draft when the draft gurus said that he was undersized at 6'7 (not the 6'9 the Heat listed him at). Ronny Turiaf would have been a better pick. The Heat had no picks in '06 because they sent their pick to the Lakers, who selected Jordan Farmar. In '07, granted they missed out on Javaris Critenton but Jason Smith would have been a better selection than Daequan Cook and the Heat dumped all of their 2nd round picks. They were penny wise and pound foolish. This is why the Heat are in dire straits now. The good teams use the draft effectively and show patience. Look at not only the Pistons but the Lakers, Jazz, and even the Celtics. Powe, Davis, Rondo, Allen and Perkins all came from the draft. Riley needs to wake up and start recognizing this.
Winderman, you are amazing. Where were these incitefull critiques when Shaq first came? You chose to advance Shaq's side of the story when he left LA. Did you have one of those conversions on the road to Damascus or did just decide not to pacify Shaq any more since he's now gone. Well, Shaq did some damage here, that pales in comparison to what he did in LA. He not only had a role in Dell Harris getting fired but he lobbied for that idiot Rodman after he got Eddie Jones and Elden Campbell traded, he got Kurt Rambis fired and lobbied for Phil Jackson and he caused Robert Horry to leave after he lobbied for 40 year old Karl Malone and malcontent Gary Payton to take Derek Fisher's job. We all know what a disaster that 04 Laker season turned out to be. At least the Lakers got the gift that kept on giving when they traded Shaq and are now back on top in the NBA west. At least the Lakers didn't send us post cards saying "Thank You Shaq" as we callously did with our "Thank You Kobe" T-Shirts and post cards.