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Ricky Wong
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I'm an nvidia user and I've owned pretty much every series up to my 9600 GSO. They've all been 2 (or 1) output. But every GeForce 210 I've seen has 3 outputs. My first 3-output card was an ATI HD4350 for my HTPC and "Detect Displays" in Win7 actually showed 3 boxes. So 3 monitors with 1 card on a cheap budget is doable nowadays. I wouldn't pay more than $30 for a workstation card (or HTPC card) but that's just cheap me. I am working on a 4-VGA workstation with Ubuntu and nvidia cards at the moment. 3 PCI 8400GS @ $40/ea and 1 PCI-E 8400GS @ $15, each with 1 DVI + 1 VGA. So there's room for more DVI/VGA monitors. Link:
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Apr 5, 2010