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Wayne Ridens
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This law should be struck down. No one has the right to force information on someone, especially the government. Not to mention, as the doctor said in this article, this violates his oath to do not harm. If they want to do something to prevent unwanted pregnancies, why not pass a law that allows the father to opt out of financial responsibility for unwanted children. I'm all for deadbeat father's that have claimed responsibility having the book thrown at them. However, it hardly seems fair that the father should bear the burden of responsibility without any choice in the matter. Hell, with women getting hunderds of dollars a month in childsupport for one child, welfare, WIC, etc., they don't even have to work. They just have to spit out a kid and lock someone into paying her way. I'm not saying that fathers shouldn't have pay, but give them a say in the matter.
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Jul 1, 2011