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This is so exciting! You know how I love Guilder's Paste, but sometimes it gunks up the fine details. Sharpies give me migraines, so non-toxic is fabulous. I know how much you care about health and chemicals, so thanks for looking out for us. I'm thinking of using my "crafty" toaster oven to heat set these in batches. Seems easier that way. One question. Do the pastels go on opaque or transparent?
I've made little slips for my daughter, for the few dresses she has that weren't sufficiently lined. My mom taught me to ALWAYS check and see if I needed a slip. Stand with your back to a bright window, spread your legs, and look down between your knees. If you can see daylight, you need a slip! Nobody needs to know how chunky my thighs are. D-:
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2011 on Whatever Happened to the Slip? at Modestly Yours
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Sep 13, 2010