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I just finished reading John Jantsch new book on Selling and I loved the fact that it gives me a very detailed road map for myself and that I can share with clients so they understand that they need to become information brokers and change their selling approach to one that can bring better results and create more solid relationships. I still struggle on providing the information when they are most receptive.
As a creative now and having been an accountant at one point of my life, I am glad that I help businesses understand the value of a customer and not just look at expenses. I see it in small businesses which annoy their clients to a point for miscellaneous things to save pennies on the dollar. Love this example!
I have been using the Over App for quite some time on and off on the iPhone and they have a set of bundles for sort of stickers to add to their photos. Maybe this is another line or area they can move forward with since they already allow you to add text and images on photos in the same iOs app. I had not seen the potential of adding virtual stickers. When I was a teenager I use to work as a volunteer for the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee and the Puerto Rico Volleyball Federation. I use to serve as a guide and translate for the teams that were visiting the Island. One thing I remember people where obsessed with where the pins of other sporting events. I remember in 1993 I got a gift from a Bahamas delegate who had gone to the Seoul 1988 games. I still have that pin around somewhere. Maybe these are the digital version of these pins. I wonder if you could also collect a few and give them to people when you come back :)
One of my most read posts was addressing how locally here in Puerto RIco with a lot of U.S. influence many doctors have become less worried about patient care. On the Island the fact that at one point there was a lack of Doctors makes some of these individuals think they are part of what I call the "White Coat Caste". One of the main reasons I eat as healthy as possible and take good care of myself is the extra incentive that in the Island you get an appointment on a certain date not even a set of hours. Some doctors are known to take care of their patients like cattle and even if you have an appointment it is first come first serve basis. Patients even some delicate ones can easily spend 8 to 10 hours in an office waiting for care. On the other side I have a physician who was a client. He has tons of restrictions on his patients but when it comes to service he puts a ton of restrictions on me some that might have taken me into bankruptcy. To many these behaviours are based out of pure greed since to become physicians the cost of education is so ridiculous then they become sort of robots trying to pay that off and acquire wealth. I think you are on to something here.
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Can't wait to read. Being a History fanatic and so involved in marketing makes it even more appealing to me. Best of Luck!
Interesting had not realized the mistake airlines make when they are advertising especially if they are not doing it at the right time. So many people forget the guest experience. Last night I was watching as a spectator how something like that unfolded in front of my eyes. Even worst when they will affect customer experience for cents on possible dollars lost.
It’s weird and has been a topic I have spoken to many about on how irrelevant these ads are. To make a list of things I received that were completely lazy: 1. A contact in the hospitality industry sent an email listing all the VIP’s of that organization where it was visible. Even worst it had a generic template saying Merry Christmas. 2. Yesterday a Tax preparer was spamming people on facebook with the line. You have spent a ton on Christmas now its time to get your refund for your taxes. Even worst that the person was spamming small business owners who don’t necessarily get a refund during tax season. What a better time to remind people of their taxes than on christmas day. The list goes on and on but seeing something like the West Jet Video really brings a smile to my face. Heck this post might have inspired a post. Happy Holidays David.
I have to agree with Louis since it has humor it might be lost in translation where it might even give the artist a bit of leadway when conservatives are running around and might bring repercussions to the artists way if he is in Saudi Arabia.
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I have to say these opportunities to create content arise every where the problem is putting in the time even after you recorded or created the content to edit and make it appealing. Larry did an awesome job... Thanks for sharing David!
Not only does changing the wording to normal things to things that are more inviting a good idea it will make your efforts and/or organization stand out from the rest by using communication that is not the norm. I really like the name of Safety vs. Security but since I work with certain non-for profits trying to raise funds the Very Good People makes it a positive challenge to get something done.
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Truly awesome I have to say that it was very well played.
I hear this so often and then see people waste their time while complaining they don't have time it makes my head hurt... Funny how easy it can be to find time the problem is people don't want to let go of their old habits like watching TV.
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Will take note of the Rule #2 Seth. LOL. I think so many times we are seeking better opportunities and hacking things and we miss out on the main reason why we started to do something. Overall I have to say that when I take the best way I create experiences and great memories.
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I have a hard time with keeping it updated will put it on my calendar to update more frequently.
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I understand people are busy but thanks to those in Large organizations who have opened their doors I have been able to get traction on some of my efforts. Funny thing is that if a big organization opens the doors to a blogger they usually become more loyal and might even focus more attention on the organization. Like you I have been rejected by small business owners and had the doors opened in large companies. At first I would get frustrated but later I realized I needed to use that energy to put the spotlight on those that opened the doors no matter what size.
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I use to be a big Jetblue Advocate but over the years I have lost my love for the brand. A few months ago I criticized them online because for the third time my mom was flying with them the delays where a bit out of hand and one of their employees was not very happy with my feedback. The old Jetblue would have seeked how to make up for the horrible experience the new jetblue decided to let me know they where dissapointed at the accusations. I also went in to check the Badges and quickly lost interest because instead of re-routing me to a landing page I was sent to the regular Jetblue sign-in. Lots of area for improvement and your suggestion on rewarding long term customers with something that costs them very little by acknowledging them for past travel is something that can and should be done.
The one I dislike the most is when someone is pitching me a guest blog post where they are getting paid by their client and want me to edit and review for free. I am ok with sharing things that are of interest to me and those that interact and read my blog. But having someone send generic content and then even ask me not to disclose the relationship they have keeps me away from even answering most emails.
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I make a living making websites and sometimes my biggest hurdle is helping the client realize the website is not their personal shrine or better yet the possible customers will be looking at their business from another perspective. As humans we tend to see the world around ourselves as an extension of the rest of the world. It sometimes takes a few blocks walking from your home to realize everyone is very different even at a close distance. I hope they get a chance to read this and think about fixing the site.
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I am currently working with a personal trainer trying to identify how to incentivize clients and have them spread the word for the transfigurations and changes they have made in their lives. This challenge has a level of simplicity to understand it but the challenge is something people have to commit too. Pretty awesome way to amplify your brand…
My good friend is a big Tumi fan he has bought many bags and when he wants to give a traveller a gift he will usually spend a few extra bucks because he knows that person will get a gift and always remember him. I had heard they where awesome from a few friends. I don't travel as much anymore but if I start travelling again I will definetely go for a Tumi.
Wao not only did she bring business in, become a thought leader, but she also saved lives by looking at the complete eco-system of her industry and how it ties in with other stuff. I see so many individuals doing videos of the same things. But many don't stop and look what people might be searching for and in need of. It starts with thinking what we need to find out and how to fix some of those issues. I love reading these stories.
I stopped flying american many years ago. At that moment I did not fly enough with just one airline given the economic constraints that where given to travel and our client locations which where mostly in the south where other Airlines usually had better rates. I fly Jetblue first and any other Airline before American given the terrible experiences I have had. On another note i have always seen how they really take care of their most loyal customers and flyers which now will be taken to a new level with technology. As I said in the tweet I am really wondering what else that tablet does and how it will create a deeper relationship with flight attendant and passenger.
I guess many agencies or so called professionals who divide them are either naive or like to confuse their clients to increase revenue! One of the main reasons I visit this blog is because You can take something that is difficult to explain and explain it in a few sentences! I have to agree people want content that either educates or entertains and they want quality! They don't care as much where it came from!
I am not a fan of Netflix at one point they where charging my savings account for three years for a Netflix subscription I gave as a gift to a friend. Leaving that terrible feeling I have when Netflix gets mention looking a the other side having worked for a big Public Accounting firm I have to agree with you David. If the information is accesible real time I also think its fair disclosure. Those who might make it feel any other way are probably those who still want to control something either information or the process!
I have to say I am a big fan of the New Revolution but we can't disconnect completely from the fruits of the previous one. I am reading a book called "Just My Type" and the accomplishments of Gutenberg are mentioned in a different manner. I can't wait to see how this revolution keeps on gaining traction!