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Ok, since Netflix already picks the movies up from the post office, how about an end-run around the USPS? I envision red mail depositories next to every blue one. It's like the reverse of newspaper stands. Then NetFlix sends the collectors to the boxes around town each evening to collect the movies, rather than to the post office. If there are, say, 100 red mailboxes in a city, with an average of 50 movies in each, NetFlix would save $2000 in postage (before the 17 cent surcharge). Pay 5 people $50 to collect them and your net savings is $1750 per hypothetical city per day. Also- big red mailboxes with "NetFlix" on the side effectively provides the company with lots of little billboards. To further enhance the experience, they should have a "returned today" button on the website that initiates their next selection being mailed out the same day, removing a day from the turnover rate. If a user isn't honest in their use of the button, it can be disabled from their account.