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---Normal invasive surgical procedures require informed consent. Abortions fit this category and should require an ultrasound showing before consent. Certainly the option should be made available by responsible providers. Guttmacher is Planned Parenthood's pro-abortion research arm and is certainly not unbiased. Pro-life people do help support the mother and baby. They are also for good health care, but may not be for the abomination of Obamacare. The reason ultrasound showings change minds is because it makes it obvious that they are looking at a unique living human being, their baby, that they are about to butcher rather than take care of. ZORN REPLY -- Normal invasive surgeries do not REQUIRE that patients be shown or even offered images from all diagnostic tests. Again, it seems like a fine idea to offer this and make it clear to the patient that the test results and images are not secret from them, but that's a pretty simple rule to put in place that I've yet to hear an objection to from anyone.
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Apr 13, 2011