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Ryan Merritt
The Internets
SpiderLabs Research
Interests: Security Researcher. Electronics and Robotics Hobbyist. Homebrewer.
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Funny you should ask. That is exactly what I will be covering in Part 3D. I hope you have a pair of special glasses handy to be able to view it. ;)
@jena FWIW looks like pdfscan.rb was officially removed from Origami via this commit: You can always pull out the old code from the project's versioning, or use Remnux 2 (not Remnux 3) if you like the tool, just be aware that the authors have apparently dropped support for it.
Thanks Marc! MD5 (sample1.pdf) = b52d2b1e5746f521c6452461f3760f94 Cheers!
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Nov 18, 2010