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LOL. "I used the right word. You just don't understand it." Waist = the part of the torso between the ribs and the pelvis Waste = something you throw away But whatever. Who cares about that right now. The basketball points are enough. Josh, leave the poor fool alone, you can teach a wall how to speak. He is a fool.
Him averaging 15/7 right now is not Wishful thinking, it is reality.
JOSH, EVIDENCE: "So, what's the difference if he is playing like a top 3 or 5 or 10. I am sure that he sees this season as a waist." If this sentence does not illustrate JD's limitation, I dont know what does.
HAHA, you are referring to your misspelling of the word, 'defy'? LOL. We all think you are stupid. All of us. Not just stupid, but stupid without hope of getting any smarter. Notice that Josh or anyone else has not called me stupid but they have called you stupid. You are a retard, fighting a non-existent and desperate battle that you have already been demoralized and crushed on.
Its amazin that we can all look at the same thing and see such different thing. Is 15/7 that bad? Is it not making a difference?
When I saw that, I was like wow. It gets no worse for D-Wades rep as a lame mind. At least, he can ball LOL.
I kno it wasn't a happy day for Big Ben but on a good note his sis C.Roethlisberger that plays for oaklahoma is ballin.. 6:48 PM Jan 3rd from UberTwitter THIS IS D-WADEs TWITTER JOSH!!! SPELLING!! LOL! Maybe you were right about the wilted lettuce analogy...
What is deify mean, JD?
You deserve an award for perserverance. To go through life with your limitations is truly an honorable thing.
You are right, bulls.hit. I have no idea why our coach is not accountable to shyt. I do want to know what you guys think on this. Lets say, Riles gets us a ChIP contender, does he try to coach the team again??
LOL. Vince Young english
Wade's got the IQ of wilted lettuce. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! No doubt. He has that damn Vinbce Young english LOL
WOW. JD, that was so very original. LOL, did I hurt your poor little feelings? LOL. Even the spectators deem you a loser. This has always been my only alias. I dont need to switch tags like the other homos on this blog. You probably should, though. I definitely would not want to be associated with your entries. I probably was right on, as far your next couple of hours are concerned. Have some private time with your computer and sleep alone. LOL. Goodnite, Mental Delinquent.
LOl. JD, you have nothing left. Go masturbate and listen to your itunes.
Why do you think Haslem, who is clearly a lesser player than Beas plays those minutes? Because the coach is irrational and they want to re-sign this guy, who can be useful off the bench. What is so incredibly hard to understand about this? LOL. Again, my mistake, I need to consider who I am directing this to.
You are crushing him? LOL. You are crushing yourself. The only thing that you have said tonight with some merit is the acknowledgment you made earlier to the fact that Beasley's balls reside in your homo mouth. You have zero ball knowledge. 15 points, thats all? LOL. You are so stupid. Did you attend highschool? Im being serious. LOL. You are fun to toy with. A weak, empty mind wanting so desperately to know something that it would make up facts..LOL. Dumbass
"Why if he is so important, would he not play the fourth. Spo can't be that dumb. Wade and Riley agree with him. He is the only second best player to ride the pine when the game is decided. What kind of coaching decision sits such an important piece. It makes no sense" JOSH, SAYING HE IS Dense is to concede that something exists behind is eyebrow, so here is a disagreement. There is nothing upstairs with this retard.
I wonder what it means when the only two people you are talking to, think that you are stupid? Maybe it just means that you are, well, stupid. LOL. A guy whose argument is based upon, "oh, i just called my buddy and he laughed at your opinion, thus it is not true" LOL. You are a doofus. An idiot with little to no mental capacity. To argue that Beasley is useless...LOL. You are just dumb and there really is nothing else I need to say that most people in your life would not already say about you.
You are right. I was never special-ED... lol. You are so mentally inept. You probably were not loved sufficiently as a child that would explain your rabid self-defense and insecurity. lol
No, we agree because we are two college-educated people that understand that if a guy is the 2nd leading scorer at his position in an entire NBA conference and on your otherwise bottom weak team, then he must be a significant part of your success. A Wade groupie like you, only sees what does and discounts the other ppl on the team as terrible, when in reality they have an NBA All-Rookie 1st team selection in the starting lineup. The point of bringing up the 4th quarter is to illustrate the fact that it is not a players fault that his decision-making coach wants to pacify a veteran that the team desperately wants to re-sign for a bench role on a Championship contender. Maybe Im being unfair in that I cant expect a low-level mind like you to understand that.
"A bad coaching decision doesn't reflect poorly on the player. Dwyane Wade got drafted after Darko Milicic. Your harping on the 4th quarter issue is roughly as intelligent as me saying "Wade got drafted after Darko! How good could he be?" HAHAHAHAHA!!! JD, just leave. You cant hold water with Josh. He is having you eat shyt and making you like it. You are not a debater. LOL.. Close the tab and shut it down. You are DONE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Your welcome, ol buddy, ol pal JD
I cant see Beasleys nuts because they reside in your nonsense-spewing mouth. The basketball I see, tells me that he has contributed heavily, being our 2nd leading scorer and all, to any small measure of success that we have had this far. You are FUKING mentally handicapped to deny that.
"The difference between Beasley and some other good young players is that they are responsible for their teams. Rose, Jennings, Evans, even Lopez are the best players on their teams" Yeah JD, LOPEZ IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN DEVIN HARRIS, you know that guy who was an allstar last year? And Im not sure he better than Courtney Lee. lol. BEas has a ton of responsibility, if he doesnt score and contribute when Wade is on the bench, do you have any idea how many more losses we would have had? Im thinkin 11 wins MAX!!
"One can make a very, very strong case that Lopez is already the 2nd best center in the entire NBA, assuming Yao is hurt and Stoudemire and Jefferson are forwards. Think of how many centers that were drafted in the top 10 over the last 15 years that he's already better than in his 2nd year, Kwame Brown, Eddy Curry, Andrew Bogut, Tyson Chandler, Emeka Okafor, Greg Oden, Rafael Arujo, Al Horford, Disagna Diop, Channing Frye, Darko Milic, Spencer Hawes, Bryant Reeves, Mohammed Sene, Stromile Swift, Joel Pryzbilla, Nene, Tsktisvilli, Andrew Bynum, Michael Olowakandi, Patrick O Bryant, the list goes on and on and on. Lopez is the 2nd coming of Jesus as far as true centers go in the NBA if you are taking about ones that can actually play the sport of basketball" WOW Garrett. So he is better than Bargnani? Bynum/Gasol? Kaman? Bogut? No. We can just agree to disagree.