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Los Angeles
Bicycle commuter in Los Angeles.
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GOOGLE is poised to become the de facto Bike plan for Los Angeles. Not perfect... yet. But a wonderful wonderful addition. Thank you GOOGLE for serving the community.
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wow. Hope all the hotheads out there learn from this example.
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Cyclists are "scofflaws" in so many cities around the world not just Los Angeles. The reason they are running afowl of the law is because the infrastructure is not made for cyclists to begin with. The stop sign was invented in 1915 - about 75 years after the bicycle. In Northern European countries where streets are often car free by law - stop signs are not needed. Bicycles are nimble, quick and agile. the level of skill to operate one is less and the threat to others is far less than for automotive counterparts and this is precisely why cycling needs to be facilitated and fully supported. Car use is KILLING our nation in SO MANY WAYS. Sloth, pollution, oil dependancy, oil wars, industrial chemicals and the manufacture and disposal of auto parts... health.... Riding a bicycle solves A LOT of these problems. Every time a single person gets in a 4000 pound pavement destroying machine, our tax dollars go to rebuilding that pavement. Every car trip - multiplied by millions perhaps billions of trips - cost taxpayers money to subsidize. Traffic itself causes economic losses. We need to reduce car trips, especially car trips of less than 5 miles. We can do this America. They did it in Northern Europe, we can do it too. Bicycling promotes local small business, it promotes community, it promotes clean air and oil independence... well being, low blood pressure.... there are far too many reasons to make the cultural shift. We can do this Los Angeles. Come ride with us. If you don't care about this planet or even this nation just ride to Save yourself.
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"No one would ride it?!" WE ARE DIEING TO RIDE IT!!
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Jan 11, 2010