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D'awwwwww. How long do you think until it becomes a Standard? I started singing this backstage at the show I work at last night, and magically, another girl in the crew chimed in. It was a wonderfully Swayze moment.
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Tears of
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This I like, Sir. I've been living in New York City for nearly three years (please note that as I type this, I am surrounded by moving boxes and the movers are coming to take it all away in about a week)and have found it very difficult to find those wonderfully mind quieting moments. I do recall one day in January when I was in transit my "office" (the Warren St. Dog Run in TriBeCa) with my "client" Jessie (the sweetest of dogs, RIP)trying to avoid throngs of people in wading through the latest snowfall. Amid the crowds and screams of school children, I heard a sound from out of my childhood in Vermont. I stopped in my tracks and looked about until I discovered the source. A ruby coloured Cardinal was sitting in a tree by the schoolyard, singing his wee heart out. I looked over to Jessie to see her waiting patiently for me, ears cocked, glossy black coat dotted with snowflakes that had begun to fall, like a night sky or a reverse Dalmatian. Moments like those I lived for on my daily walks with Jessie. It made my job less work and more joy. Now she's gone (only two months but it still hurts) and I'm on my way out of the City for good.
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Digital copy? Yessir. Sign me up.
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Jul 9, 2010