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Robert DeRobertis
Greater Boston
Marketing Guy, High Tech, Gadget Guy, B2B, amateur photographer
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Robert DeRobertis is now following VicorPower
May 19, 2011
Robert DeRobertis is now following VicorPower
May 17, 2011
Brooks: First I have to say I love your podcast and your publication, Lenswork. I am surprised you are not disclosing how you are gearing up to deliver Lenswork on the iPad. I bought one for my wife. She is not a technologist. She has had it since May and carries it everywhere. She uses it for 1) reading books, 2) listening to music and 3) watching videos. The iPad is not a computer is is a multi-format information viewer. The amazing moment for me was when I downloaded the Zinio application and read Popular Photography on the iPad. The amazing moment was when I realized I was grabbing the corner of the device to turn the next page. I recently loaded up much of my photography on the iPad and brought it to a family event. Everyone, everyone instantly knew how to switch to the next image and the image quality is just stunning. The amazing item is that if you upload high res versions of your images, you can zoom into the image to see even more detail. You, a lover of folios, understand the importance of interacting with an image. The iPad simply allows the viewer to enjoy the image. The iPad is not a tool for the publisher. It is a tool for your customers. Imagine Lenswork extended on the iPad, with all the mediums you use for viewing on an exceptional quality device... It would be priceless...
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2010 on I learn about the iPad at LensWork Technology Blog
One of my fav that includes technical and creative (Left Brain, Right Brain matter) is Martin Bailey's blog / podcast.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2010 on What blogs do you visit? at Ask Brooks
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Jan 25, 2010