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It's not good form to comment on a thought leader's idea without first reading about it and understanding the core premise... I see David's concept of newsjacking as geared to small business owners, not professional PR people. These folks need all the dot-connecting ideas they can get. Small business owners have a hard time figuring out what's worthy of media attention. In fact, I see them getting it backwards: they think, for example, that donating to the Red Cross is Big News, but then completely miss a story about how they're making a difference in the lives of kids who've never before now seen the ocean. At its core, newsjacking is the art of spotting an opportunity to tie in your story to it. Nothing wrong with that if done as you'd do any publicity: respectfully, tastefully, logically.
Those of us who support Obama have pulled our collective hair out at his messaging. Here and there he tells a story that clicks and resonates. Most of the time he sounds wonky and academic, and his points don't quite hit the mark the way they could. The clamor on the left for him to shift his messaging appeared to fall on deaf ears. For a basic business analogy: No business, no matter how successful, can ever afford to ignore its customers. Apple--the richest company on earth--is a case in point: yesterday it decided to rejoin the EPEAT green standards program, after a hue and cry across the spectrum when it pulled out about a week ago. The company even admitted its mistake in a letter to the public: We send messages with words; we also send messages with actions. My take-home: always listen to those who are affected by what you say and do, and especially to those who support you.
David, we need to approach social media much as we view public relations/publicity -- as practically impossible to get ROI. Use SM for outreach, building relationships and generating goodwill.
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2011 on Social Media ROI Hypocrisy at Web Ink Now
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Dec 6, 2011