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We as humans have so much control over our lives these days, when something happens out of our control, we automatically assume SOMEONE was in control. That's fallacious, at-best, most of the time. Shit happens. We never blame anyone when good happenstance occurs, but we definitely want to blame someone when bad things happen. It's just life. We don't control it. It just happens and if you live through it, then you get to deal with it. I'm not trying to sound heartless, but dwelling on things you have absolutely no control over, and worse yet, things that have already happened and cannot be changed, fixes nothing and changes nothing, except perhaps one's own perspective on the world, possibly for the worse. Move on. Enjoy the good things. Soon your life will be over. You don't want to die having spent your life mourning over the bad events.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2012 on Somebody is to Blame for This at Coding Horror
I've had my SSD (Intel X25M) in my desktop for exactly two years with no failure; the machine is powered on (full, e.g. no sleep/hibernate) 24/7. The first thing I did in Windows was move the page file to a mechanical disk, along with the browser caches. The last thing you want is lots of small writes to the SSD. I only have the O/S and apps on the SSD. Data is on the RAID1 mechanical Velociraptors (of which, one has failed, and are the same exact age as the SSD). My experience with WD's raptor/velociraptor drives has been very poor which is why I RAID'd them in the first place. These mechanical drives are hardly used at all other than for the page file and browser caches. All my data sits on a 4TB RAID5 NAS with WD Caviar Green disks, which has had zero failures and is also powered on 24/7.
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May 2, 2011