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Robert B. Livingston
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People who don't know Jack Tempchin's work beyond Peaceful Easy Feeling are in for a big treat: his work is consistently excellent-- and I would say he is an excellent performer too. I often prefer his own versions of songs he has written. For years I was crazy about his early Funky Kings LP which I loaned and lost several times-- people wouldn't give it back. The Kerouc influence shows: favorite songs of mine are Singing In The Streets and Mattress on the Roof. The Funky Kings LP is one I have always thought of as a "perfect album": every track is wonderful with songs you can listen to often without getting tired of them. The internet helped me catch up with his later work-- all great. Songs like Streets of LA (Nice film on YouTube), Big Sky Country, Better World are quite beautiful. Jack is a great and original humorist too. I love his essays The Big Question and The Same Old Thing. You can find them at his website. His originality and creativity is humbling-- and inspiring! In the world of ideas and in the amount of pleasure his music has given me-- I rate him as one of my most favorite persons in the world! I wish he would get up to San Francisco so I might get a chance to hear him!
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Aug 18, 2010