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Robert Campbell
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Hi Will, Thanks for an awesome podcast (infrequent tho' they be (not a criticism mind, more of an amen from the choir since ya said it yerself)). The Guild is SUCH a damn inspiration. I've watched each episode -- no lie -- about 20 times just trying to absorb, by osmosis (e-smosis?) if nothing else, how to make my own show. I would love to the winner of the DVD. (Though I guess that goes without saying considering the over-gushing.)
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Awesome! That's less than 15 minutes away. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks.
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So if you're in L.A. (technically SFV, but close enough), and you're not you, Wil Wheaton (heretofore abbreviated as YWW), where does one go if one wants to get into the card gaming stuff? None of my friends play, or are interested in learning to play (can I buy an expansion pack for friends?), and I've never heard of a place where people can go to play, like a card-gaming league or some such? Interesting... I wonder if 40 years from now people my age will be taking the place of the old guys in the park who sit and play chess and backgammon. I think that would be kind of awesome to see some 70-year-old talking smack about another 70-year-old's lame-ass chaotic neutral Paladin.
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Dec 18, 2009