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I don't think it's fair to say that Microsoft hasn't spent time optimising their software. Windows 7 and 8 can run adequately on very low end hardware, whereas previously you always needed to upgrade your machine to get decent performance out of Windows. Look how fast boot up is on a Surface Pro or any other Windows 8/8.1 machine: 4-8 seconds in most cases, even with a standard spinning HDD. That's way faster than OSX. I'm also not convinced that it's simple to compare. OSX is highly optimised for a limited set of chips, memory etc. The permutations of Windows installs run into the millions. I am sure that if Microsoft only had to ensure its software ran on Apple's small line-up battery would be great. Also, comparing Surface Pro battery performance to a Macbook Air is hardly fair. It runs a 1080p IPS display with a touch screen and Wacom digitiser.
What's hilarious about Doug's idiotic tirade is his party's vehement intention to introduce a price on carbon via an ETS that will essentially tie our economic success and environmental protection to the whims of merchant bankers and stockbrokers. Who is he trying to kid with this nonsense?
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Sep 29, 2010