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Robert Carver
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I was very pleased to see you Wil on tonight's episode of Eureka. I could almost hear Indiana Jones shout in my head, "Snails... why did it have to be snails." 2nd best surprise was seeing Stan Lee show up as an expert on "Gamma Radiation." You wouldn't like him when he is angry... lol. I like the semi-Grizzly Adams facial hair look you have going. It makes you look great in this role of being a real douche bag egotistical scientist. I hope you make it on the team to go to Titan via Astraeus. I have been fortunate enough to meet you in Vegas & I can attest to just how cool it is to meet a science-fiction series icon. So I can see why Nathan Fillion would be a big fan of yours just like the rest of us. May your televised adventures continue to be successful despite the constant danger of over zealous and asinine pseudo fans mugging and assaulting you for an autograph. They have no honor. Thank the Great Bird Felicia Day was there to rescue you. See you on SyFy!
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Dec 7, 2009