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The other thought going around chi-town is how their team looks like the Cavs of the 90s. Chicago has 6 years of history where they finished out games, now their team looks like it can rack up 50+ win seasons for a long time, but their are true questions if the Chicago Roses can get over the hump without another superstar (dwight howard). Their elimination game choke is not as bad as the Sac vs. rapers, but it's definitely top 10.
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The Toronto "Raptors-eh"
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Interesting analogy, but I also think the 'all-in' is a little dramatic. We do not have the player budget to keep perk long-term along with everybody else. A healthy perk goes a long way to beating orlando, but perk may not be healthy and we need more wing help to beat miami, chi, and orlando not to mention NYK. Ainge is icily counting cards, he left his emotions at the door.
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Almost brings me to tears too. He's my favorite Celtic (was). But green will be more valuable against Miami, Chicago, NYK, but not Orlando. It's up to the big fella and team defense if we meet howard in the 2nd round. Perk and TA together again.
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Feb 24, 2011