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Suppose they gave a primary and nobody came? Be sure, there will still be a Ron Paul campaign in Florida. You have 21 chapters of Youth for Ron Paul at the following colleges and universities (# of members) Florida (21) Florida State University (170) University of Central Florida (157) Santa Fe College (52) University of Florida (45) South Florida Youth For Ron Paul (24) University of South Florida (19) Florida International University (13) Valencia College (11) University of Miami (10) Northwest Florida State College (7) Florida Gulf Coast University (3) Stetson University (3) The University of West Florida (2) Broward Community College (2) Southwest Florida Youth for Ron Paul (2) Lake Sumter Comm. College (1) G Holmes Braddock Senior High School (1) Boyd Anderson High School (1) National University of Health Sciences (1) The University of Tampa (1) You also have the Blue Republicans (Democrats and Independents for Ron Paul. Ron Paul has the largest number of active volunteers of any candidate. I just wonder why Florida keeps "shooting itself in the foot" by moving your primary. Didn't you learn anything from 2008?
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I see. THIS is more important than Congress giving our beloved President Obama the power to murder, torture or permanently imprison Americans without charges. Glad you think you have your priorities right.
Ron Paul CAN win the GOP nomination, but he needs your help. I believe Robin Koerner's "Blue Republican" plan is the best. Independents and disaffected Democrats need to temporarily register as Republicans to vote in your state's GOP primary; and, why not? It is pretty clear there is NOT going to be a serious challenge to Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries. Further, the proportional delegate distribution mandated this year by the GOP will make ALL state primaries and caucuses more competitive.
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Sep 29, 2011