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Robert Gulya
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Teacher collaboration is necessary because consistency is necessary, especially for students with special needs to require greater structure as they go through their day. It's important that teachers, staff, and administration are all on the same page to best the support the student in different setting and circumstances throughout the school day. Peer collaboration has shown to have a large effect on student achievement. In addition to learning from each other, students learn important social skills they'll need when they enter the workplace (most jobs require collaboration, after all).
Thanks Adrienne. It's important to stay emotionally balanced during the good and bad times, both for your own mental health and the kids. Hold onto that positive energy because, some days, that's all we have.
Wow. A similar situation happened to me last year when they moved me into a higher level English class, and I had to learn a new curriculum and meet new kids. I think its awesome that you have such a positive attitude about it!
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Oct 5, 2013