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Robert Meyer
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I hate to "burst the bubble" of all you Marco Rubio "presidential pundits". But Marco CANNOT be POTUS or VPOTUS. To reitterate what Joy stated, Marco IS NOT a "natural born citizen". Don't forget about "Romneycare", the blueprint for OBAMACARE. As for Newt's marital past, look at FDR, JFK, and Slick Willie. Would you vote for THEM if they were running now? "Family Values" don't get us out of the radical progressive socialist direction we're headed right now. Businesses are currently being regulated OUT OF BUSINESS. It's time to get government back where it belongs, out of our lives. It's time to let people get back to REAL jobs, PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS. Not government sponsored jobs. It's time to repeal EVERY PIECE of legislation that stifles creation of those jobs. That means all this "Green" crap gets loaded onto the compost pile where it belongs. "Der Fuehrer" spoke about the "GM successes" last night. What about the MILLIONS wasted on the Volt? The millions wasted on Solyndra? The thousands of jobs squashed over the Keystone Pipeline? Which BTW Warrens Buffett's Burlington Northern will make a handsome profit for tankering that oil south. NEWT'S plan to develop our domestic energy and deal with illegal immigration far surpasses anyone elses. His economic plans do as well. But realize this. Unless the Republicans take control of the Senate, it may be all for nought. RID THIS NATION OF OBAMA,HIS MINIONS, AND HIS ALINSKYITE PROGRAMS AND PRACTICES.
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Jan 25, 2012