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Robert M Sawyer
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We/I can only hope that with everything that has gone in Florida since voting in Rick Scott and a large contngent of Republican/Tea Party Members that maybe our fellow Floridian Voters will learn to vote for a Party (Democrats)who for the most part care about the 99% Citizen Majority instead of listening to the Campaign Lies & Twist on Words that the Republicans gave us. I can only hop that there is a Florida still left after we get rid of "Pink Slip Rick", it will no doubt take probally at least the next threeAdministrations to correct all the Damage that has been done. Our Educational System and Children will probally be the worst effected after the Smoke Clears and I find it sickning in his comments here that Scott has the nerve to try an sound like he gives 2 Cents about it.
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Dec 4, 2011