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Why do you wish the revolutionary movement well. They consist of ethnic Ukrainians (and a few left over Nazis) who staged a violent coup d'etat that overthrew the legitimate, freely and democratically elected government. The EU appears to be complicit in the coup and appears to have engineered it because the legitimate government of the Ukraine preferred a better offer from Russia. You should also bear in mind that Russia does have treaty rights in Crimea, and that their naval base at Sevastopol is at least as important to them as Pearl Harbor is to us. Russia's aggressive defense of their base was entirely predictable. The rhetoric coming out of Washington and European capitals is delusional, dishonest and very aggressive. Over the weekend, Zbigniew Brzezinski stated that NATO should offer some sort of military assistance to the new government in the Ukraine and that NATO should reposition its forces, where or to what end not stated. And Gen. Rasmussen (current head of NATO) spoke very carelessly in a press conference and implied that Ukraine was already in NATO or at least NATO's purview. There are also numerous threats against the Russian economy and leadership. This language is deeply dangerous because we and NATO are powerless to do anything to affect events in the Ukraine, and our aggressive language might provoke Russia to do something really dangerous. Ironically, in this case Putin is in the right, and we are in the wrong. If a European war does occur, we will have started it.
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Monckton and Singer have filed a formal complaint of misconduct against the CRU people with the British authorities.
Antiplanner has made a similar argument that passenger trains like Amtrak and light rail are subsidized luxury goods for the rich. [HS: It's true. There's a cheap bus you can take from Manhattan to DC that's half the price of Amtrak, but I prefer to pay twice as much in order to not sit next to poor people. On the other hand, the NYC to DC run is quite profitable for Amtrak, it's most of the other routes which lose money.]