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Robert Naeve
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"Izzata crit?" Sorry to stoop to lolcats... (I feel a little dirty now) I had a red Persian some years ago (Mr. Kitty Smashed-in-face) (Persian owners will get it). During gaming, if you leaned a book against the couch and balanced a die on top, he would swat it down, hop down to peer at it and make a little meow. If it was a crit, he got a treat.
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(I could have sworn I have posted something earlier...) It is often said someone has "won the internet!" Congratulations Wil, you have Won Hollywood! You have won by showing that true success is not measured by wealth or privilege, nor by the amount or level of work one does. You have won by the fact that you work successfully in H-Wood and still consider your greatest achievement to be your family. You have moved people not only with the body of your work, but also by being a great guy and a fantastic role-model. Kudos
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Mar 9, 2012