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Robert Naylor
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I kept my same 3 discs out + streaming. I discontinued my cable subscription several months ago and haven't even missed it. As for the price increase, its no big deal to me. This is standard business practice and, to me, doesn't seem outlandish or excessive. We are all in hard economic times, so as impact goes I think a revenue downturn for NF is possible IF 11% drop their subscription totally AND there is a significant downsizing of accounts. On the flip side, NF is branching out into more international markets, so we will have to see if their logistics prowess leverages them in these markets. All in all, it is service, reliability, and content that will make or break them. They are leading the pack IMO but they will have to keep doing this and excel to keep their customer base strong. We'll have to see, but I am in for the long haul, unless they raise prices again! jk...maybe?
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Aug 24, 2011