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Robert Pike
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Door parts to improve economy? C'mon Ford. Get serious. Get competitive with foreign technologies. Improve your batteries. Improve burning efficiency. Take the tough, serious road; your customers will support you.
I have a confession to make; I developed a love for reading at the age of 13 based on (what was then, in the '50's) a "lurid" novel; "The Egyptian" by Mika Waltari. The love scenes, the stories of his night adventures with "seductresses" held me to chapter after chapter. It's a book I have read several times; and the first big novel I had ever read. Maybe if we can find books that have a touch of lust, adventure, living on the edge, we might just bring a child in to the world of reading for the rest of their lives. I know Waltari's book did.
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Wow. I know that once I catch a cheater, it's hard to trust him/her the entire year. This is a sad situation not only for Atlanta teachers, but for teachers in general. If the testing system doesn't appeal to you overhaul the system legitimately; but don't try to cheat the system. Just because banks and Wall Street finds "loopholes" to "cheat" doesn't mean teachers and administrators should; I like to think we're morally better than that.
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Jul 9, 2011