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ALEX PETTYFER dominates every scene of I AM NUMBER FOUR. And TIMOTHY OLYPHANT effortlessly inhabits the guardian/father/mentor. He listens, he demands, he is a warrior, and superb motivator…the man that lurks in the harbor of desire of kids and great Dads everywhere. • Peppered with humor in an exciting ORIGINAL story, it is an action flick & it a good date-movie for the blossoming love story & without gallons of blood. Compared to UNKNOWN rehasing an old story, I AM NUMBER FOUR is a fresh storyline worth checking out this week; an ACTION FLICK & DATE-MOVIE - RICH TO BOTH AUDIENCES. Returning to ALEX PETTYFER; Alex has striking movie star good looks…the camera adores him & the director wisely stays with his reactions. In almost every scene, it was tough to take eyes off him, even when joined in scenes by any of the gorgeous females picked to surround him. Alex has matured in acting ability from Tom Brown's Schooldays [age 13] & Alex Rider: Stormbreaker [age 15]. Working with great British actors in those, Alex clearly did not squander absorbing advice & learning acting choices from them. • Alex Pettyfer has a lithe sense of quiet movement; capably showing fitting emotion through facial expression, body language, & movement. The rest of the cast are well positioned for their roles, and hopefully, subsequent sequels. I AM NUMBER FOUR easily shows up 200-mil-plus effects-laden, plummeting paper weights. Let’s hope that Steven Spielberg & Michael Bay stay aboard for a ‘next in the series’ film…soon…while the actors are young enough to continue their roles. • I AM NUMBER FOUR imprints on watchers like the first Star Wars; resonating with audiences on first viewing, & then returning for second & future showings. Don’t miss I AM NUMBER FOUR on a BIG screen in a movie theater.
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Feb 25, 2011