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Robert Spuds Holloway
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It's really a much much different world today. If you miss something, you just come back and get it later. Back in the day if you didn't have a VCR, or if it didn't come out on video, you MISSED it. Too bad. And then you ended up either buying or getting from a friend a 5th generation copy. The experience enriched us, I think, because when we got to consume something, we enjoyed it. It was like marrow. We called all of our friends and got together and we watched it over and over. We didn't care about the subtitles. It wasn't the dialogue that made it work.. it was the experience itself. You don't often get that experience anymore.
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I found a similar design flaw in any vertically-facing freezer. Things belonging in the freezer typically don't have an always-square and thoughtful shape. So when your freezer gets full... sometimes... you shove... make it fit. And then later, when you go to get a delicious sugar-free cherry-flavored popsicle, you also get a bonus 5-pound roast or 20 taquitos on your foot / feet. This...also.. could be just lack of organizational skill.
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Jan 20, 2010