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@David Hayes In addition to headphones sounding different: my pair of Sony earbuds (I wanna say EX-51s but I'm not sure, cheaper IECs) have virtually no bass response if you're listening to mono and only have one earbud in. That and my home stereo (fairly old stereo receiver, Yamaha Natural Sound RX-7) sounds very different based on the setting of its "variable loudness." - Basically you set the loudness to its maximum, set the volume to your maximum desired listening level, and then adjust the loudness. Adjusting the maximum volume adds bass very quickly, whereas increasing the loudness adds more treble than bass. So really, imho, to get accurate results I'd need to use tone bypass (no treble/bass equalizer adjustments) as well as not using the variable loudness on my receiver. tl;dr: It's incredibly complex to account for listening equipment! It's as unique as a fingerprint.
You say that mentoring remotely shouldn't even be considered... but don't projects like [Google/Ruby] Summer of Code rely heavily on remote interaction between the student and mentor? I understand that mentoring in a production environment would be far more stressful than mentoring a low risk project, i.e GSoC; but to flat out say "mentoring of newbies or casual programmers simply doesn't work at all remotely" is wrong. I for one would kill to just watch a remote-desktop stream of someone working on StackOverflow's unicorn-backend and give my feedback over a VoIP program like Ventrilo. If working remotely is truly the future of work, then it should be the future of mentoring as well. Unless it's high-time we got rid of on the job training?
Toggle Commented May 12, 2010 on On Working Remotely at Coding Horror
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May 8, 2010