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It would truly be a shame to lose Olympus as a camera maker. I am not necessarily "brand loyal" as I have owned several medium format and large format cameras since my pro career began in 1979. I do have favorites though - and when it comes to 35mm style cameras no-one could tear my OM2sPrograms and OM-4T's away from me. I was forced to move to Nikon in the early 2000's when my Oly gear had worn out and my eyes were wearing out and I needed Auto Focus. But I love working with gear that is different than what the "mainstream" pros are expected to use. I have always loved the forward thinking of Olympus as well - and even though like any "pioneer" they were constantly stabbed in the back with reviews of inadequacy in features, number of lenses and being overpriced (none of which I ever saw as founded) - and then later with digital the extended time between new models etc - - - I still am always drawn to their thought process and products when they do come out. Being I depend on my gear to make a living - I'd have no problem finding something else to replace my Olympus stuff if they disappeared. But what a shame if that were to happen. Not because of my current investment in bodies and lenses - but because there are few to no other viable options than Canon and Nikon - - - with their wonderful products that lack many Olympus features that I treasure. Build in Stabilization, unparalleled Sensor Cleaning, great lenses that are 1/2 the price of the best of other brands, my preferred image Color Pallet. I could go on. I for another, certainly hope that #1 Olympus is able to correct this issue to the satisfaction of investors - but more importantly #2 that based on the dismal dollar number losses that we have witnessed lately - related to the camera division - that they will maintain a loyalty to that end of their business. All the best to Olympus, going forward.
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Nov 16, 2011