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Rob Hamm
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Even when people pirate your work, you can come out ahead--When a friend of mine's book was pirated and torrented days after its release, I left a comment to a torrent of it letting everyone know that by agreement with his publisher, he was offering it as a "pay what you think it's worth" download from his site. He reported that sales picked up significantly, as many of those who had initially torrented it ended up buying it, and told him up front that they'd initially torrented the pirated version. In some cases, they voluntarily paid more for the ebook than the hardcover price. Many people, if given the "try before you buy" option, will buy products they would not have otherwise, if offered a fair price. Certainly, some people got, read, and enjoyed his book without paying for it, but he still came out further ahead than he would have otherwise.
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May 17, 2012