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I'd love to see a larger, long-term study of this that includes parenting styles/techniques to see if breastfeeding moms (overall) parent in a different way. I say that because when I see/hear a baby crying in the store - especially tiny new ones - whose mothers don't respond right away I wonder not only if the mother breastfeeds but also what her parenting style is. Observationally, I have seen more mothers that formula feed that generally do no subscribe to the attachment parenting styles and who tend to hold their babies less than those who I've seen breastfeeding. Of course this is only what I've observed over the years and it's totally non-scientific. As an off-topic aside, I know that it's much less common to see young African-American mothers nursing their babies, and I was secretly thrilled to see a few at the National Zoo in DC on Wednesday - particularly one hip-looking young woman who was walking around, nursing her baby under a nursing cover like it was the easiest, most normal thing in the world. I wanted to tell her that she was a role model but she seemed to be having a nice family time and I didn't want to interrupt that. But I was cheering on the inside.
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I've only made the Chantilly dress, but it is my favorite. I'm also looking forward to trying the Beignet skirt and the Crepe dress, as well as the Rooibos dress. Right now my project for spring is another Chantilly dress from black cotton eyelet with a hot pink silk lining that peeks through. I like bright colors, and this year I'm leaning towards aqua/teal and bright citrus-y green for spring.
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I agree with the matitis, engorgement and thrush. Just out of curiosity - does it say anything about corsets and nursing? I know that women did wear corsets during pregnancy and that under-bust corsets were the fashion for a while but I've always wondered about it.
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May 4, 2010