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I simply purchased the PDF version on lulu and emailed it to my Kindle. Showed up in just a few minutes and it looked awesome. Amazon may say that the Kindle will not support PDF files, but it did just fine with Sunken Treasure. There's really not a need for any other version unless someone simply wants a .html, etc file. If you do release as a .prc file, it can be dropped on the Kindle with no conversion at all.
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Having both a Kindle and an iPhone, I can't imagine reading on my iPhone. The screen is too small and the battery can't hold a candle to my Kindle. But, if you aren't reading books at all and only using it to read an occasional paper or feed, I can see how it might be nice to not have to carry around the Kindle. That said, my Kindle is still the best money I've ever spent.
I am with you 100% on the whole DRM thing. That said, I would give a kidney to get "Just a Geek" on my Kindle.
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