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Spinning is unlike any other fiber activity that I'm aware of. Everything else, like knitting or weaving, has a stepwise procedure: you do this, then you do this, then you do this, then voila! Knitting! Sure, you can improve over time and learn more, but at it's most basic, when you follow the steps successfully, you are knitting (no matter what it might look like). Spinning... well, that's different. It's more like "Do this, then do this, then, well, like this, but more of this, and if you do this, then this and this, but not that, and then a miracle occurs, and then voila! Spinning!" At some point there's just this moment--the miracle occurs--and your hands sync with your head and feet, and it all starts to work. But there's no way to tell when that moment will happen. Some get it the first day, some take a week, some put their wheel away in frustration and six months later come back and it all clicks. Spinning is very frustrating to teach, as you can imagine. But, two things that are important to remember: (1) no matter what you *meant* for the yarn to look like, what it actually *does* look like is probably something people would pay $40 per skein for as "art yarn"; and (2) beginner yarns look awesome as wefts in a weaving!
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I felt bad that I dinna get it either, so I looked it up. Here, hope this helps:
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Oct 26, 2011