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Dev - I think you are 100% correct there is currently no model that works for carrier dips that is not mission critical (ie. Tasso's people finder service). Even at a penny per dip, you would be looking at a $43 cost to have access to persistent location for a month. (My math: a dip every 10 minutes x 24 hours x 30 days x .01/dip). Even if you would only dip during the day or some other limited period you you would be looking at a cost of at least $10/month. At Xtify we have built our business exclusively around device derived location. It is relatively free and allows for mass distribution of geo targeted notifications. What it does not allow us to do, is geo on feature phones. However, we have seen that brands are moving aggressively into smartphone apps and realize that the spending by smartphone owners is so much greater than feature phone users, that LBM efforts on smartphones is money well spent. One day the carriers may price network dips more in line with real business models. . . . Maybe our grand-kids will be around to enjoy it.
Dev- You are anticipating the market exactly as we see it unfolding. Our partners are using Xtify in their mobile apps to send opt-in notifications based on geo-fence triggers (as well as other non-geo triggers). See here about how DailyCandy is using geo-triggers to drive traffic to editorially relevant locations: Also, you will shortly see other major brands and publishers roll out services that take advantage of "Persistent Locationing" A few words of caution: 1. Create a service that does not require "GPS exact" location - this is battery consumptive to an extent unacceptable to the consumer. "Nearby" is good enough. 2. Pay attention to delivery cadence: just because you can send a message every time someone passes a relevant location does not mean you should. We have seen 3 notifications as the daily limit with no more than 7 in a week (except for travel apps that are showing relevant points of interest for a one-time visit). 3. Consider getting an app in market early, even if it's primary purpose is to create a channel to send geo-relevant push notifications to your mobile audience. 4. Consider keeping location and identity separate. Your customer will be more willing to share their persistent "where" if they do not have to also give up their identifiable "who". Looking forward to watching this space grow.
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Oct 13, 2010