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Oh, this post just calls for me to tell you about the dream I had about YOU last summer. I dreamed that you were my 11th grade English teacher, and you assigned me to write 2000 pages about life in outer space, fruit bats, or college students-- possibly they all fit together somehow, but I'm not entirely clear how. No, I haven't written those pages! But dreams are what inspired me to start writing my own stories in the first place: between the ages of 7 and 12, practically everything I wrote that wasn't a school assignment was based on a dream I had. Nowadays I keep an occasional dream journal for all the times I wake up thinking that I'd just dreamed a wonderful book, and of course it never is as wonderful once I try to write down what was so great about it, but I do have a collection of cool little ideas that I think COULD find there way into a proper story someday....
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Feb 14, 2010