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Free had his problems but it seemed to me that we had a lot of interior breakdowns- guys coming right down our throat. Nagy was a bigger liability in my opinion. I really was impressed with this guy Kowalski. He filled in at center and I think both guard positions and always did a solid job. And, in addition, his name is Kowalski for cryin out loud. Seriously though, flipping Free to the right should remove a lot of his "stiffness" and if the interior is better via free agency, it should be a marked improvement. If not, I say start Kowalski, who I think won the Center job last year..
Coale looks sharp, but does anyone remember what Radway was doing before he broke his leg last preseason? If he comes back 100 percent, picks up where he left off, and Coale pans out, Dez and Miles might be left to fight it out to get on the field. Especially if they can't take care of their hamstrings...
Congrats on the DCC Liz, but even if Romo is 110 percent next year, QBs arent known for defensive leadership. And he certainly can't play in the secondary, either. So unless we score BIG in the draft and free agency, because of the defense's inability to stop the big play, this AIN'T our year. Sorry. But seriously, anyone can tell by your post that you were born to be a cheerleader. Keep it up!
I don't know what the stats are, but we would have cooled the knicks off even with poor shooting, but along with all the turnovers, Dallas got slaughtered on the boards, especially at crunch time...
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2012 on Mavs lose to Knicks, 104-97 at Full-Court Press
This means that they are going to pay a player with a slacker history top dollar with the franchise tag. Y'know, they wouldn't have to do that type of thing if Jerry knew how to draft ballers, or didn't give away #1 picks for slacker wideouts. Three #1s to be exact. And more lower picks to boot!
Thing is, Jerry has proven that he can only draft backup QBs. Tony Romo was a walkon free agent that Parcells noticed. Jerry had already spent several million on a guy named Drew Hensen, who had been trying to play baseball if my memory serves. So without Romo, look for more Hensens, Hutchinsons, Carters and washouts like Ryan Leaf.(did Jerry actually sign him?) Isn't it ironic that Romo's got one year but Jerry has unlimited job security. I guess Tony needs to play cornerback or safety to keep his job. Maybe after he gets canned, he could apply for the GM post- oh wait, that job is already filled. It'd be funny as heck if Romo got traded or cut, then came back with another team and shredded our defense. It's not far fetched at all, the way Jerry drafts. I happen to KNOW that Jerry drafted Quincy because they've got the same birthday....
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Feb 13, 2012