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I've seen a lot of Malcolm Thomas at SDSU. He's a tough guy in the paint. He can block shots and go after rebounds with anyone. He has some good go to post moves too. One thing that frustrated me about him though was his hands. He has Kwame hands. He can't seem to hold on to the ball in traffic. Other than that, he's about as athletic as any big in the draft. To tell you the truth though, I don't see him being able to hang with the legit bigs in the NBA because he's only 6'9 and his hands are made of stone. Finishing consistently at the rim was another issue with him. Go Lakers!
LakerTom, Things are good here in SD. Yeah man, Jeremy Tyler could develop into something. He's definitely got the talent. For a 2nd rounder, he'd be worth a gamble. 2nd rounders are a crapshoot anyways. I'll put it this way, I'd take Tyler over Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter. Go Lakers!
CyberCosmiX, Yea dude, Tyler has a whole bunch of talent. If he actually stayed in high school, he could have been a lottery pick coming straight out of high school. Tyler absolutely dominated at the high school level. It wasn't even fair. That's why he dropped out. That guy Sonny Vaccarro told him he should go pro. Sonny has worked with a lot of great basketball players, including Kobe, as they come out of high school.Vacarro actually advised Tyler to go pro, that high school had nothing for him as a senior. Tyler was already a CIF champion, county and state player of the year as a junior. He was first team all CIF all 3 years in high school. Even as a freshman playing varsity. It was like, what's next? So Tyler went pro. I knew right from the get go that he was making the biggest mistake of his life by dropping out of high school. But Tyler is so talented and gifted that he's still right there, ready to go to the NBA. According to the mock drafts that I've seen, he'll be available when the Lakers pick. We should get him. Go Lakers!
How is the heck did we end up with 4 2nd rounders? Now we're gonna have a bunch of guys who probably wont even make the team. Anyways, with that 41st pick, we should choose Jeremy Tyler. He's a project no more than Andrew Bynum was a project. Let Kareem work with him, enroll him into a GED program, and I think we would have a quality player. A 7 footer with athleticism and skill. Go Lakers!
Great picture of Ron Artest playing defense. It's amazing how low he gets. He has those big tree trunks for legs. To play tough defense and stay so low like that for 40 minutes a game is super duper hard. Go Lakers!
Forget Dalembert, we could use a 2nd rounder to draft Jeremy Tyler. In high school, this kid dominated the competition here in San Diego so bad that he dropped out of school to go pro. It would be a good idea, in my opinion to take a chance on this guy, let Kareem work with him. He could be a much needed extra big off the bench. Tyler is a 7 footer with a lot of athleticism. He can shoot. He's been a pro for 2 years in Isreal, then Japan. He's only 19! There's a good story on him on Hoopsworld right now: It looks like he has his head on straight under the guidance of Bob Hill. The Lakers have a lot of leadership in this organization as well. This kid is super talented. He might be the most talented big in this draft. Go Lakers!
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2011 on Free agent profile: Samuel Dalembert at Lakers Now
Photo Caption: Kareem Abdul Jabbar chillin after having let Eminem hit some of that Kareem Killer Kush, AKA Skyhook. Go Lakers!
I just read a Pau Gasol post on facebook. He was congratulating Jorge Garbajosa on a great career as he's retiring. In reading the comments to his post, I couldn't help but notice quite a few posts from upset Lakerfans. It must really suck for Pau right now, he's probably hearing it everywhere he goes. I want to feel bad for him, but I don't. Go Lakers!
*It's funny how Jim Buss gets the blame when things go wrong, and Mitch Kupchak gets the credit when things go right. Mitch Kupchak has it pretty good. *To have Shane Battier, Ron Artest, and Kobe defending on the perimeter would be very nice. *I don't care about whether Kobe publically comments about the coach. What is Kobe going to do? Sabotage the team because he didn't like the choice for coach? *Everyone is piling on Lebron James and the Miami Heat. These guys are going to be back next year. They have no choice but to improve. Get in the jabs and jokes while you can... *It IS astounding how LeBron has taken a back seat to DWade. There is no doubt that DWade is the leader on that team. Lebron is the best #2 man in NBA history, better than Scottie Pippen! *Nobody thought the Heat would win it in their 1st year together anyway. So why is it a surprise that they lost? *JJ Barea is a great shooter. That's why he's able to get in the paint at will. Defenders have to respect his outside shot. The numbers lie a little bit in this case. Go Lakers!
I think we're probably going to see a lot of former Cavs, namely Mo Williams, feel vindicated and have better seasons now that they know that they weren't the reasons why Lebron failed to win a championship. Go Lakers!
I wouldn't mind seeing Varejao become a Laker. He's a good intangible guy and Mike Brown knows how to use him best. Go Lakers!
Congrats to the Mavs on a well deserved championship. They did it in a classy way. I appreciated that and it's a reflection of their great coaching and ownership. Big Dirk is a basketball legend along with Jason Kidd and I'm very glad that both of them finally got a ring. Now, how are the Lakers going to beat them next year? It's obvious who the guys are that are the difference makers on the Mavs. Everyone expects Dirk to be Dirk, Terry to be Terry, and Kidd and Marion to do their thing. The guy that nobody expected to emerge this year was JJ Barea. How do we contain Barea? He was getting into the paint at will, opening up everything for the Mavs. Plus he's a great shooter. A very tough matchup for anyone. I would say have our PG take him in the post and go to work, but we don't have that guy, and Barea is a strong little guy too, and he's a good flopper. Another thing the Mavs showed this year that the Lakers showed none of was heart. Dirk, Terry, Kidd and the Mavs were on a mission. The Lakers were not on a mission. And it didn't even feel like they cared that they lost this year. All the players just went back to their tv shows and vacations and lavish lifestyles. These Lakers don't even seem to care that they have a new coach. Our team better get out of this rut that they are in because there's no time for dilly dallying around now, there's a new challenge here. It's a different challenge than the Celtics were, but it looks like it's going to be just as, if not more challenging. The Mavs didn't even have their whole team with Caron Butler injured. We're definitley going to have to add a few pieces in the backcourt to be able to compete. Go Lakers!
I don't know if the T-Wolves would give away all their good young talent for Pau Gasol, but I would like it very much. With that #2 pick it would be very hard to pass on Kemba Walker. He would look so good in a Laker uniform. He's good enough to start right away for us. There's no doubt he's gonna be a top PG in the NBA for years to come. I can't see the T-Wolves, in their right minds, do that trade. But David Kahn is pretty stupid when it comes to player personnel decisions. It could happen. Go Lakers!
As I'm watching the game last night, I feel stuck in a dilemma. It's a no brainer that I'm going to root for the Mavs to beat the Heat, and the Mavs are a good fun team to watch. I've actually been cheering on the Mavs and having fun doing it. To me, that's a problem. I don't think I have the proper, or sufficient amount of hatred for this team that swept the Lakers out of the second round. I can easily muster up a good amount of hatred for the Miami Heat, or especially the Boston Celtics, but the Mavs; it's hard to hate this team. They go about their business the right way, they have guys like Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki, who are definitely deserving to win a ring in their HOF careers, they are very well coached, and Mark Cuban is staying far in the background. They respect their opponents, and play hard till the end. What's not to like about this team? Maybe Deshawn Stevenson or Jason Terry for their idiotic comments but that's about it. If I, a life long Lakerfan who hated anyone who beats the Lakers (especially the 1991 Bulls), can't muster up the proper amount of hatred for this Maverick team, then how are the Lakers going to have the proper motivation to beat this team next year. These Mavs lull teams to sleep and then come back and bite you in the end. It's like teams build a lead on them, start remembering how soft they used to be, and then get surprised at the end by a team that is mentally tough. Between Dirk, Kidd, and Terry, these guys hit super clutch shots. While I'm glad the Mavs are beating the Heat at this point, I'm concerned about the motivation levels of the Lakers for next year. That sweep stung big time, yet, I still don't feel that stung. Losing this year hurt, but did it really hurt that bad to make our team want to come out next year and prove a point? It seemed that the team was glad it was over. I know Phil Jackson was glad. Here's to coming back strong next year with strong motivation to beat every single team in the NBA, including the Mavs and the Heat. Go Lakers!
@LRob, I just evaluate based on what I see for whatever that's worth. I don't use stats unless I'm playing fantasy. I'm like a lot who post here, I've played and watched the game my whole life. It's just my opinion. I don't think Kobe's pecking order comment is that big of a deal at this point. Bynum is/should be the 2nd option, there's no debate about that, in my mind at least. Andrew has shown flashes of potential ever since he was a rookie. The only thing that's held him back are injuries. Now he's healthy, he has championship experience, he's still young, he's already the 2nd best center in the NBA, the team has invested big money on him. It's time for him. I say let him loose. But you're right, there's gonna be questions until he actually does it for a full season, or at least a good 75 games. But I'm rooting for Bynum to do it, the the potential of what he can do for the team means championships for the Lakers. Go Lakers!
@LRob, I do think the Lakers should run the offense through Andrew Bynum. No slight to Kobe, but Andrew is the guy that no team has an answer for. Kobe will still go for his 25 or 30 per game, but Andrew should be the main POST option for us, not the MAIN option. By that I mean, when everything gets chaotic and we need to calm things down, spread the floor, throw the ball to Andrew Bynum in the post and let him go to work. So yes, I do believe that Andrew Bynum is now an elite big man and one of the 2 best centers in the NBA. I have a feeling that these braces that he's wearing on his knees are really going to limit the injuries. We saw him twist his knee all up in one of those games at the end of the season, everyone was scared, but he was alright because those braces kept his knee in place. I have a good feeling about him staying healthy and having a long career in the NBA. But now, the Beast needs to be unleashed. It's time for him. If we can get him and Kobe a good point guard, we'll be in a great position for next year I think. Chris Paul might be a dream, but it's fun to dream sometimes. Go Lakers!
What if we had a choice between Chris Paul and Deron Williams? Who would you take? Personally, I'd take Chris Paul. I think he'd be a better fit for the Lakers because of his efficiency and his killer instinct. When the pressure is on, Deron Williams feels it, while Chris Paul relishes it. Can you imagine the competitive nature of a Laker team led by Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul? It would be a sight to see. But of course, you can't go wrong either way. Go Lakers!
I think Andrew Byum is ready to become more of a focal point on this Laker team offensively. Just look at his moves, he can score at will against almost anyone. Andrew's post moves are much more high percentage plays than Pau Gasol's post play, especially in the playoffs. So if Andrew Bynum is going to become the focal point in the post for us, where does that leave Pau Gasol? As a defender and rebounder. Do we want to pay big money to someone who isn't going to be a focal point on this team? Lamar can rebound and defend just as well as Gasol. While, in a new offense, the PG will be as critical as ever. Fisher was perfect in the triangle, good spot up shooter, smart, strong, tough. What we need now is a guy who can do it all. A guy who will handle the ball in the most crucial situations and make plays. We can't depend on Kobe, Blake or Fisher for that. Chris Paul is available and he's the best in the league at surveying the floor and making plays for either himself or his teammates. He's also the best steal guy in the NBA, he's the most efficient player in the NBA, he's the best assist guy in the NBA, he's one of the top 5 competitors in the NBA, he can hit 3's, and maybe most importantly, as Kobe declines, he can take over games. Pau Gasol is a good player, but please, Chris Paul is on another level. I think if we were to get Chris Paul and have the core of Kobe, Bynum, Paul, Lamar, we would be a better team because of our balance. We would be able to hit teams in the post with Bynum, we'd have the mid-range with Kobe, we'd have the perfect set-up guy with Chris Paul, and Lamar can do what Lamar does. It would be the perfect balance once we add a shooter or two. Ron Artest would probably still be on this team too to be our stopper. Everyone is worried about losing a big man. But the Lakers are all about championships. This team 2011 has proven that it couldn't win a championship, and we had the greatest coach of all time coaching. And everyone saw who the weak link was and what our deficiencies were. Chris Paul, Jason Terry and freakin Barea ate us up and spit us out, while Pau was getting manhandled by the likes of Carl Landry, Tyson Chandler, and Dirk. I think it's time for the Andrew Bynum era to start, knee braces and all. Just run the offense through him. With a back court of Kobe and Chris Paul, what could be the greatest back court ever, there's no doubt that we would be in position for a championship with those competitors. Look who Miami has as their bigs, Joel Anthony, and Chris Bosh. Everyone knows Bosh is soft an inexperienced, Anthony is a journey man. Dallas has Tyson Chandler as their main big man with Dirk and Haywood off the bench. We don't need 2 'elite' big men, and I'm not so sure I'd consider Pau Gasol elite anymore. Where on the other hand, Chris Paul on the Lakers would be a difference maker. Niether of the teams in the finals would have an answer to Chris Paul, he would eat them up, pick them apart. You think Bibby or Kidd would be able to stay in front of Paul? No way. Once Paul penetrates into the lane and collapses the defense, there's noone better than him to find the open man. The Heat would probably try Lebron and Wade on Paul, only to make Chris Paul salivate at the opportunity to show the world what he's all about. Thinking about it, I don't understand how Laker fans wouldn't want to make this deal if it's possible. We need a change. Go Lakers!
After the way Pau went out in these playoffs, I don't even know if his teammates can look him in the eye. It was that bad, from what I saw. Andrew Bynum said there were trust issues. What I saw was Pau Gasol not giving his full effort, sulking instead. So whatever those trust issues were, Pau was the guy most affected by it. Will Pau get over it? Who knows. Should we wait another year to find out? I don't think so. There's a hungry young player named Chris Paul who can be had with the right deal, or maybe Mitch can pull off another Kwame steal. Here's my question: Can we trust Pau Gasol to give his best effort when things are on the line? My answer to that is no. He can come out next season and average 20/10, until he proves that he's ready to just go out and play the game with force when things get tough, and play to win, I don't trust the guy. Whereas, there's no question what Chris Paul is all about. Go Lakers!
Pau Gasol plays well when there's no pressure and the defense is non-contact. Basketball is supposedly a non-contact sport as it was designed. But we all know championship basketball in the NBA has as much contact as any sport. Dirk Nowitzki is a prime example of the Euro player who came to the NBA shying away from contact. Dirk has adjusted his game and mentality so now he can handle the contact and it wont take away from his game if say, someone knocks him on his rear end. If someone knocks Pau Gasol on his rear end, or does so much as challenge Pau, his whole mentality changes, and his game along with it. Pau tries to be Mr. Tough Guy instead of playing his game with force. Everyone knows that Mr. Tough Guy that Pau turns into is an act. That's why he gets called for silly fouls like shoving Carl Landry at the other end of the court after Landry made a forceful play at the other end that showed the softness of Pau. Pau truly doesn't understand what it takes to end his reputation as a soft guy. Look at this video: It shows Amare calling Pau soft, then Ron Artest joking about how Pau Gasol is soft, then it shows Pau brushing off his softness as jealousy from other players. Pau thinks that being tough is all about cussing, etc., which he is too civilized to do...Pau really doesn't have a clue. Until he realizes that he needs to fight and go all out until the end with no time for frustration or letting opponents punk him he'll always be soft. He doesn't have to go out and beat up on guys or prove anything to anyone, he just has to go out there and play his game with force and not let the Carl Landry's of the world get in his head. Pau is so much better than these guys skill-wise, to let Carl Landry do that to him was so disheartening. It's got to be real, otherwise it's FOOL'S GOLD! lol Go Lakers!
@LRob, that shows how I think of Pau Gasol now. Good thing I'm not the GM, I'd trade him for anyone right about now. In my opinion, it would be addition by subtraction. Hopefully the Lakers hype him up during the regular season to raise his trade value. But then again, I've been told that the best trades you make are the ones you don't make. But dammit, I'm tired of yelling at Pau to go hard! How can someone so good be so weak? Go Lakers!
How about Chris Paul/David West/Carl Landry for Gasol/Odom/Shannon Brown. It works salary-wise. I'd do that. lol Go Lakers!
I would do a Gasol/Blake for Horford/Hinrich in a heartbeat. I doubt the Hawks would go for that one though, unless Horford demanded a trade. Blake is so weak, Hinrich would be a huge upgrade. Horford is waay tougher than Gasol. C'mon Horford! Demand that trade! I still like the Chris Paul/Pau Gasol scenario though. Watching these finals, it's hard not to think about how Chris Paul, on the Lakers, would be picking apart that Miami Heat defense. I think we have to find a way to get Chris Paul in a Laker uniform. Go Lakers!
Maybe the Knicks might be willing to trade Billups for Gasol. Billups/Turiaf for Gasol/Blake or Fish?? I know Billups would be another perfect fit for this Laker team. There's so many scenario's...bottom line is we need a change, and that change has to be Pau Gasol and a starting PG. Go Lakers!
I'm with those who want to trade Pau Gasol for Chris Paul or Deron Williams. Pau showed what he's all about this year, it's not pretty. Chris Paul would be absolutely perfect on the Lakers. Go Lakers!