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Mr Rodacre
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That's awesome, Wil! Happy Birthday! I have a two memories of meeting you a looooong time ago. (and no, you would not remember me) The first was at KROQ studios when I stopped in to pick up some REM tickets I had won. I think you had been hanging out there at the time. The second was at the front of the Mondrian Hotel, where Debbie Gibson was staying following a show she had in LA. I think you had mentioned that you were there to see her or were friends or something. My buddy and I were like, "So, how's the show (TNG) going?" and your were like, "You know, same shit different script..." I am sure there was more - but this was like 20 years ago... so... you know... Anyway. Big Happy Birthday to you, sir! And kudos to your awesome wife!
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Jul 31, 2012