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And the earliest authenticated Christian document is dated at 51 AD. It is one of Paul's epistles. It was produced a little over 20 years after Christ's death. I don't know if Robert made reference to the so-called "last sermon of muhammad," but that is almost certainly plagiarized. Why? The message of universalism contradicts hadith claims that successors will be of the quraish tribe alone. The documents fit current political needs. And that is what the quraish rebels did. After muhammad's failed evangelism in Taif, he abandoned preaching, in favor of politics. As a preacher he gathered 90 dupes over 10 years; as a military dictator he secured zero opposition. Hence, the identity claims of present day carpet humpers is a sick joke. As for Taif, the dictator-"prophet" torched everything that would burn in retaliation for the people's rejection of his subjective deceits. Muhammad was evil in human form. Christian references to same as of under "demonic possession" are appropriate. He didn't do a decent thing in his entire life. His popularity is aped by that coerced by North Korea's totalitarian dictators; that aptly describes the concocter of "angelic" recitations (quran). Reasonable accomodation? Yah, give every slave of allah a comfortable seat on a vessel back to their savage homelands.
Sired by a muslim male means: MUSLIM, period. Yah, but he attended a Christian church. Jeremy Wright operated a racist, hate group that included pan-religious elements. They didn't have bona fide Christian services. The "Wright" church was little more than a diatribe forum against America. Wright is audiorecorded: "god damn America." And BHO's other mentor - Derrick Bell - had promoted subversion of constitutional government, to be replaced with a leftist oligarchy that would include white black radicals. At a Harvard rally, BHO said of his racist hero: "He speaks the truth." Why did BHO praise his spouse and child abandoner no-account father? An idealized view of that moral reprobate, was part of his ideological framework. He couldn't do much in his first term. He has signalled that he will allow Middle Eastern elements to play power politics at US taxpayer expense. A President who has never done a thing for persecuted Christians and Jews, champions each and every muslim who lies about oppression. His muslim partners universally support persecution of minorities abroad.
A study of the utter depravity of islam's crimes of "honour" - although they implicate hindus in same, without implicating islamic influence in same - was recently produced by the bbc. See it on youtube. REZA ASLAN: You little shit should admit to silent consent to this perversity. Your beloved iran is a territorial-demographic pig-pen, and it is largely sustained by garbage like you. Renounce your fake citizenship, and take a flying fuck out of here.
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2012 on Faceover! at Atlas Shrugs
BHO is now giving away US security on open broadcast. At the Seoul summit on nuclear proliferation, he exhonerates the pakis for brazen profiteering from the nuclear arms industry, and he declared an intention to indulge paki harborage of taleban/al-qaeda terrorists. Who needs secret mics when the son of a muslim spouse and child abandoner advances sharia out in the open? BHO HAS GOT TO GO
One third of bosnazis are wahabis. Under US protection, they deny any and all permits to maintain existing churches. And why not? The US has earmarked $800 million to restore mosques in Eurabia and elsewhere in the muslim tyrannies.
Behenna's procedural rights were derogated wholesale. Occupied Japanese didn't demand retention of imperial law enforcement. He was judged by sharia, and not US military justice.
Check out islamic "justice" (pics edited to avoid shocking viewers)
Having a link problem. I will post this on 68%3Aletter-of-support-to-sharia4belgium-by-sjeikh-abu-mohamed-al-maqdisi&catid= 35%3Aboeken&Itemid=58&lang=en
Maqdisi (aka Makdisi) is the mentor of al-qaeda fuhrer, Zarqawi, and he was asked to clarify expected conduct of muslim pollutants in the West. M Merah would have taken his advice. In general, the inherent enemy is under obligation to work for sharia privilege, until the ummah is strong enough to confront disbelievers militarily. In other words, peace is; preparation for war. But we know that. 68%3Aletter-of-support-to-sharia4belgium-by-sjeikh-abu-mohamed-al-maqdisi&catid= 35%3Aboeken&Itemid=58&lang=en <<<"... I give you the same advice that I give to Muslims in a state of weakness in general, in every land in which they do not have a plan for [conducting] armed confrontation with the regimes under which they live, due to the weakness of their abilities, the fact that the circumstances are not ripe, or because the place is unfitting for such [a confrontation], or for other reasons that are to be evaluated by those knowledgeable about the reality [of this country], the [Muslims'] abilities, and the stage that has been reached in their proselytizing. [I advise them] to not get entangled in beginning the conflict with the regimes too early, while they are still in a state of weakness and are incapable of concluding this conflict, while they are still lacking in expertise and abilities, and while their strategy at the present time does not allow this. "I advise them, as long as they are incapable [of armed confrontation], to occupy themselves with calling people to belief in Allah's unity, as I said earlier, and to be good ambassadors for the Islamic nation. They should demonstrate the morals of Islam in their dealings with people. They should not betray others or act treacherously or dishonestly. They have an excellent role model in the Prophet, Allah's prayer and peace be upon him.>>> Again, again and again, the enemy admits to use of demands for piecemeal governance to the end of full governance. The enemy has practised same since the Taif failure, within the 10 year period when Muhammad was an actual preacher.
ZOA convinced Florida legislators to endorse permanent Jewish (with provisions for Christians) sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, up to the Jordan River. I have supported that position for 40 years. Those lands and Israel proper should be enforced as salafist-free-zones. But my minority position is that muslims should be excluded from a space formed by a radiated circle from Temple Mount to the extension of the Kingdom of David up to the outskirts of Damascus. Those people should not be in the Judeo-Christian Holy Lands. And the al-aqsa and umar abominations should be bulldozed off Temple Mount so that the Third Temple can be built. There is no reference to Jeruslam (el-kadish) in the unholy quran because the enemy had to concoct "holy" (al-quds) claims in face of potential Christian restoration of their shared sovereignty with Jews. Dead Sea muslims are rape-spawn, with absolutely no right to claim "homeland" status. To me they are outsiders who were never welcomed. They can go back to the saud desert homeland.
Al-qaeda's fatwah against jews and crusaders demanded nothing in the Western democracies (or leftist oligarchies and crony lunacies). Now those pigs want sharia powers. When will we get leaders who understand that muslims have been waging a 1400 year war against US, and adapt to their supremacism, oppression and aggression? Seculars within the islamic tyrannies have absolutely no allies in the West. To the contrary, our leaders take counsel from human garbage like reza aslan and tariq ramadan. We are even paying for reconstruction of mosques. Facebook took down a webpage in support of Mohamed Merah. Youtube is leaving intact a page put up by a 20 year old Moroccan who refers to Merah as a hero. French sources refer to the squelched website as having gloated that it took '300' flics to take out 1 jihadi. Frankly, it would have been useful to put him unconscious and force him to disclose afghan-taliban fatwahs. otherwise, the spectacle of seeing a 32 hour circus disguised as law enforcement is a sick joke. As I write, tariq ramadan is accusing France of marginalizing Merah, and a one-time attorney for the crap-stain claims Merah was "autistic," and should have been treated with kid's gloves. The French leftist press published material on the victims of what they childlishly refer to as "the shooter on the scooter" only when they were tagging him with nazi creds. When that proved impossible, they commenced to concoct yet another muslim victim of French oppression of liberating sharia.
Youtube poster: Mohamed Merah is "a hero." I pdf'd the page in case they pull it. I sure this scab will have more vomit in his islamo gullet.
A 2 page french thread on the "martyr" status of Mohamed Merah was pulled. Typical. And he was typical
Now the murderer is declared "autistic" and deserving of a typical bitch slap from the meccan trained french poodles. Cops should have sent their wives in their place. The only disease that infected that human crap stain is: islam, with its symptoms of supremacism, oppression and aggression. I blame ALL muslimaniacs for this latest manifestation that is typical of that 1400 year enemy. Reminder: the US prez is the son of a muslim spouse and child abandoner, whose life purpose is to defend the record of the cockroach who sired him and the Commie sperm-receptacle to delivered that anti-christ.
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Mar 3, 2012